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7 Ways To Get Your Child Involved In Science

Looking for ways to get your child involved in science? Here's are some fun and easy ways that can help encourage your child to not only get involved put to have fun!

These Things Were Invented Due to War

People invent things all the time for various reasons. Some things we're used to seeing were created during a war. These are some of the best. 

Earth’s Most Amazing Facts

The Earth is an astounding place. Most people know enough about it to make it through a lifetime. But, there is plenty of basically useless, though amazing information,...

Fun Science Games For Kids

Looking for gifts for the young scientist in your life? Well, here's a few to get them started.

What Happens To The Body After A Year In Space?

Space is a dangerous, alien environment. The International Space Station has been a laboratory for learning about the effects of long-term exposure to space. Recently,...

12 Space Facts You Did Not Know

Astronomy is arguably one of the most fascinating scientific subjects. There are millions of stars and worlds out there that we don’t even know about. Here are some...

This Man (Not Donald Trump) Should Be Our Next President

Did you know a neurobiologist is the world’s most important job? How so? Because it’s a field that requires one to understand fully what it means to be a human...

According To Science We Aren’t Evolved Enough For This World

Do you know who the happiest and most healthy human beings are? Believe it or not, it’s those found in indigenous tribes. People who still live the way we did over...

These are the Most Contagious Diseases on Earth

Many illnesses are contagious, but some are so contagious that one person having it almost guarantees that multiple others will also get it. These are the most...

The Best Vitamin Brands On The Market

If you take supplements or vitamins, one question always nags. Which is the best? Here is our survey of some of the best supplements you can buy for each nutrient.